Base isolated Buildings

Base isolation is a technique developed to minimize damage to buildings during an earthquake, isolating the structure from potentially dangerous  ground motions.

To ensure this advantage is also essential to keep the building detached from structures adjacent to the entire perimeter, employing joints larger than the expected movements during the earthquake.

The expansion joint systems must be able to allow the movements OLS, without any damage during the earthquake, during the movements DLS there must be no falls of components during  earthquake and, out of this; the passage should be still accessible. the jointing systems are therefore an integral part of life and the level of security of any major structure,  obviously with particular reference to seismically isolated and in the public and strategic buildings,  such as hospitals, schools, shopping centers.

K 3D

K3D is a seismic joint cover suitable for structural joints up to 1000 mm subject to high movements up to +/ – 950 mm, specially designed for base isolated buildings. The system supports the movement in 3 directions, a special system of sliding on rollers allows longitudinal movements.