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MADEexpo 2015 – Conference – Italian Earthquake Engineering

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Tecno K Giunti – Seismic Joint, as member of the board of ISI Ingegneria Sismica Italiana (Italian Earthquake Engineering) co-organized the conferences: Conference organized by the Software Section- “The review of technical standards analyzed from the world of software house. Announcements of the NTC 2014, difficulties of application, bureaucratic federalism and a path towards the   …Continue Reading

Meeting Made Expo 2012

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Tecno K, as member of the board of isi. ISI co-organized the conference, “The intelligent structure: antiseismic, sustainable and based on the conceptual design.”,that took place in Milan during the MADE Expo 2012. The conference, thanks to the presence of a panel of national and international speakers representing the world of design, university and institutions   …Continue Reading

Made Expo 2011

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Tecno K filed its range of expansion joints at the International Exhibition MADE Expo 2011 in Milan with great success at its own box. The new driveway expansion joints of the latest generation have attracted a great success. They guarantees outstanding performance with a smaller footprint and a further improved design. Tecno K, as EUCENTRE   …Continue Reading