Tecno K Giunti Seismic Joint THE BIG 5 DUBAI

THE BIG 5 2014 Dubai November 17th to 20th

Tecno K Joints is glad to invite you to visit its stand Pavilion D08 at THE BIG 5 2014 – Dubai. Please register here to print your free ticket sponsored by TECNO K JOINTS, which will allow the entry for the 4 days of the Big5, from 17 to 20 November.

Tecno K Giunti di Dilatazione

The structural Expansion Joints in civil engineering

The structural expansion joint, in civil engineering is the interruption of the continuity of a building This separation is sometimes essential to: -allow the free expansion of a floor -to prevent damage caused by an earthquake A well-designed structural joint allows sufficient movement of the oscillating parts allowing the structure to remain unscathed by the Read more about The structural Expansion Joints in civil engineering[…]

Tecno K Giunti impermeabilizzazioni Castel Romano


We have included in the gallery ,the photos of the mall Castel Romano. Tecno K applied the >waterproofing system , using synthetic membranes and bituminous new generation with cold bonding. Tecno K has also supplied and installed its expansion joints waterproof series, providing the customer a full guarantee on the waterproofing of the roof.. Are Read more about K ROOF[…]