New K PAD, All-aluminum, No visible screws

Tk C senza viti in vista

The most recent proposal of the production TECNO K is primarily for retail and commercial facilities, where the expansion joints on the floor must combine the appearance to the high mechanical strength required by the traffic of forklifts and pallet trucks .

.The new K PAD, all-aluminum, is therefore characterized by

    • A completely aluminum structure in order to withstand heavy traffic of heavy vehicles
    • Sub-rectangular section without side flaps: no break in the adjoining floor.
    • Perfectly smooth surface transit: passage of forklifts and pallet trucks without shock on cargo.
    • Only 20 mm minimum thickness: the joint is almost as tall as the tile or stone.
    • High motion compensated: to meet the most stringent design specifications.
    • No visible screws: the mounting system is completely concealed with obvious aesthetic advantages.

With this series of products TECNO K, always sensitive to the needs of operators, for which maintenance costs can be significant, confirms its technical design vocation.

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