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The structural Expansion Joints in civil engineering

The structural expansion joint, in civil engineering is the interruption of the continuity of a building This separation is sometimes essential to: -allow the free expansion of a floor -to prevent damage caused by an earthquake A well-designed structural joint allows sufficient movement of the oscillating parts allowing the structure to remain unscathed by the Read more about The structural Expansion Joints in civil engineering[…]

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Fire resistance of structural joints

A very significant issue in the seismic engineering is the partitioning of fire at structural joints. Expansion joints are essential to provide for the compensation of thermal and seismic movements. avoid the phenomena of hammering. in fact require proper precautions to ensure: –       superficial continuity of the flooring, –         continuity of wiring, –          insulation, –          FIREPROOFING. PRODUCTS CONFORM TO Read more about Fire resistance of structural joints[…]