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BUDMA 2015 – Poznan

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Tecno K Joints is glad to invite you to visit its stand (Pav 3 Stand 94) at BUDMA 2015.

BOSCO VERTICALE best skyscraper of 2014

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“The jury of the International Highrise Award (IHP) 2014 resolved unanimously: the residential highrise Bosco Verticale in Milan/Italy has won the prize, for the world’s most innovative highrise” With over 900 trees installed on terraces on the towers, there is over 10,000 square metres of forest. The plants serve to filter dust, pollen and pollution   …Continue Reading

The structural Expansion Joints in civil engineering

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The structural expansion joint, in civil engineering is the interruption of the continuity of a building This separation is sometimes essential to: -allow the free expansion of a floor -to prevent damage caused by an earthquake A well-designed structural joint allows sufficient movement of the oscillating parts allowing the structure to remain unscathed by the   …Continue Reading