Seismic Joint Covers and Surface mount systems

In some situations the choice of seismic joints with surface mount system can be the right choice. In this case the installation is simple and fast, it will suffice in fact to mechanically fix the side profiles. A further strength of this type pf expansion joint covers is the ease with which they can be dismantled for repairs or inspections, for example in the presence of underlying waterproofing.

In this specific area TECNO K GIUNTI offers the K FLOOR F and K WORK F series within its range of expansion joints for floors.

The first consists of aluminum side profiles and central rubber elements, which compensate for the movements through their elastic deformation.

The second, completely in aluminum, has a mechanical functioning and its use is essential in the case of transit of vehicles equipped with wheels in hard material

Our technical department is at your disposal to be guided towards the best choice, which must take into account all the needs, both technical and economic.