K3D Seismic joint system specially designed for base isolated buildings. Technical brochure

Base isolation is a technique developed to minimise damage to buildings during an earthquake, isolating the structure from potentially dangerous ground motions.
To ensure this advantage is also essential to keep the building detached from structures adjacent to the entire perimeter, employing joints larger than the expected movements during the earthquake.

SEISMIC JOINT COVERS have a key role to play:

• To ensure the movement to both directions of the plane equal to the movement of the isolators.
• To avoid seismic pounding between adjacent building structures.
• To cover the expansion joints during movements in order to ensure a safe transit to people along the escape routes.
• Not allow the collapse of the system or other objects from the joint during the movements.
• To provides a fl at surface for a bumpless transit of people, wheelchairs, stretchers and machinery, even during seismic movements.
• Durability, thanks to the use of materials not subject to corrosion or deterioration.

Failure to comply with these requirements may jeopardize the proper functioning of base isolation and make the use of escaping routes impossible during and after a seismic event.

K 3D
Seismic joint system for joints up to 1000 mm subject to high movements up to +/ – 950 mm, specially designed for base isolated buildings.
The system consists of a rectangular section devoid of underfloor brackets and visible screws. The central plate is rigid and antislip, made of knurled aluminium. Gaskets are made of rubber with high resistance to vertical loads.
The system supports the movement in 3 directions, a special system of sliding on rollers allows longitudinal movements

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