Tecno K Giunti Seismic Joint Covers Premiazione SAIE INNOVATION 2016

Tecno K Giunti was awarded for innovative K3D system in the category “materials and technology systems for the consolidation and seismic protection”.

Tecno K Giunti Seismic Joint Covers Premiazione K3D SAIE Innovation 2016

K3D is a Seismic joint system for joints up to 1000 mm subject to high movements up to +/ – 950 mm, specially designed for base isolated buildings. Gaskets are made of rubber with high resistance to vertical loads. The system supports the movement in 3 directions, a special system of sliding on rollers allows longitudinal movements.

The system thanks to the positioning of the central bridge, cantilevered into the joint, manages all the longitudinal movements by scrolling to the left of the columns and the adjacent walls, thus making indefinite the movement available.