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Fire resistance of structural joints

A very significant issue in the seismic engineering is the partitioning of fire at structural joints. Expansion joints are essential to provide for the compensation of thermal and seismic movements. avoid the phenomena of hammering. in fact require proper precautions to ensure: –       superficial continuity of the flooring, –         continuity of wiring, –          insulation, –          FIREPROOFING. PRODUCTS CONFORM TO Read more about Fire resistance of structural joints[…]

Meeting Made Expo 2012

Tecno K, as member of the board of isi. ISI co-organized the conference, “The intelligent structure: antiseismic, sustainable and based on the conceptual design.”,that took place in Milan during the MADE Expo 2012. The conference, thanks to the presence of a panel of national and international speakers representing the world of design, university and institutions Read more about Meeting Made Expo 2012[…]

Recovery Built in Seismic Zone – Conference

Tecno K, as member of the board of ISI co-organized the conference,   BOLOGNA 25 Maggio 2012 Palazzo della REGIONE EMILIA ROMAGNA, Terza Torre sala A, Viale della Fiera 8 , Bologna Recovery Built in Seismic Zone – Conference.   The conference is a very topical issue, not only in Italy but in all nations Read more about Recovery Built in Seismic Zone – Conference[…]

Tecno K Giunti Made Expo

Made Expo 2011

Tecno K filed its range of expansion joints at the International Exhibition MADE Expo 2011 in Milan with great success at its own box. The new driveway expansion joints of the latest generation have attracted a great success. They guarantees outstanding performance with a smaller footprint and a further improved design. Tecno K, as EUCENTRE Read more about Made Expo 2011[…]

Expocostruccion international fair

Tecno K filed its Joint Systems at EXPOCOSTRUCCION 2011, held in Bogotà from 24 to 29 of May, 2011, with great success. Expocostruccion is a specialized international fair; a setting for the projection and growth of the construction, architecture and design sectors of the Andean, Central American and Caribbean regions. Tecno K welcomed visitors at Read more about Expocostruccion international fair[…]